3 Killer Cross Promotion Examples

Cross-promotion is a marketing strategy in which customers of a product are targeted for a related product. Many companies do it, and while doing crowdfunding is especially usefull. Here are some cross-promotion examples.

The main question I get from countless project creators about cross-promotions is this: what information should I include in my cross-promo post?

Information To Include In Your Cross Promo

There’s a typical list of things to check off when compiling and writing a cross-promo post for your campaign. They cover the absolute basics for getting the word out to the backers of the other campaign to introduce your project and backlink to your campaign. Here’s the list below:

  • Campaign title
  • Highest performing image for the campaign
  • Short summary of the campaign and why the product is special
  • Secret perk link or special offer (make sure there are tracking links on here!

I’ve done a ton of these promos throughout all the campaigns that I’ve worked with so let’s go through and dissect some cross promotion examples.

Cross Promotion Examples

AVA Byte

ava byte has a great corss promotion example

AVA Byte starts off in a pretty standard way by telling readers exactly what the product is.

The team packs a ton of user-friendly points into their short cross-promo blurb. For example, they write about growing plants 3x faster and saving 90% more water than other means of growing.

They make sure to namedrop NASA as a huge point for credibility.

Lastly, they add in a point of urgency to get people to act quickly. By saying that prices will go up soon, there is a sense of urgency for people looking at the campaign.

nonda ZUS Connected Car System

The creators of the ZUS Connected Car system went with a very friendly tone in their cross promotion blurb. They wrote from the POV of the creator for that personal touch.

They mention that even if it’s not something that the backer would want, it’s possibly something backers could gift for their auto-loving friend.

Their cross-promo ends with an inclusion of the 20% discount with the time urgency factor to drive people to action.

SnapDice Magnetic Dice Tray

SnapDice does something pretty clever that I’m seeing more campaigners do now.

They’ve partnered with Indiegogo to create a pre-launch landing page and are offering a free upgrade ($30 value) just for signing up to the email list via that channel.

The above are just a few cross promotion examples from the hundreds (even thousands!) that are out there. During your research phase, go through projects you love on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and check in their “Updates” section to see even more examples.

When it comes to cross-promos (and your campaign!) the sky is the limit here.

You might dream of something other people have not done before and you know what? Definitely try it out.

Crowdfunding is an arena for experimenting and seeing what sticks and works best.

If you want to try doing a cross-promo to explicitly send people to view a video and then retarget to them later via advertising, then so be it.

To learn more about cross promos, head over to my other post.

What are you waiting for? Get cross-promoting!

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