3 No-Brainer Tools For Your Crowdfunding Launch

Every so often a tool comes along that causes my jaw to drop. Here are the 3 no-brainer tools you must use for your crowdfunding launch.


This tool is so useful that I would guess that Kickstarter and Indiegogo might even develop this right into their own tech stack in the future. 

Why? Because human psychology is hard to beat. 

People are driven to act when stocks are low, when time is running out and they for sure love a good deal. 

Stocklimits takes everything we know and love about pricing strategies and automates it for you.

Usually, I would recommend keeping the number of “available units” of your lowest price tier low. That way, people coming to your page will always be driven to act. There’s only a few left of the reward at the best price, it’s time to shell out some money now or risk missing out.

Rather than taking the time to check back every few hours (or even minutes during heavy promo periods), Stocklimits automatically checks every reward tier and updates it for you. It’ll even automatically do the work for you while you are sleeping.

I can’t emphasize enough how incredibly important this is during your 30-60 day campaign. 

The free version of Stocklimits checks your campaign once per day, but I’d recommend getting the Pro version that checks your campaign page every single minute. At the no-brainer price of $29/day, the Pro version easily pays for itself each day by getting more visitors to convert into backers.

Get Stocklimits here.


By now, having a referral mechanism for your crowdfunding campaign is truly a no-brainer. For one, referral campaigns are 5x more effective than paid advertising. And really, who doesn’t like sharing something they love with families, friends or other close ones? 

Kickbooster is on the list of no-brainer tools since it adds so much structure to your referral campaign. 

There are preset templates to get you rolling immediately, they handle all the cash payouts for you to successful referrers, and you have full control of the incentives that you offer. 

The less-talked-about benefit to using Kickbooster is their marketplace. 

The marketplace is where people who want to promote campaigns head to for their referral links. Think about the ramifications here for a second:

Crowdfunding Promoters

These guys are pretty much affiliate marketers. They’ve created thriving businesses by growing a list of crowdfunding enthusiasts, sending them emails about cool new campaigns and making money off of pre-order kickbacks. By listing your campaign with Kickbooster and being available in the marketplace, you’re getting your campaign promoted and seen by others all for free.


It’s no lie that getting your project written up is more difficult than ever. There’s been some bad press about crowdfunding in recent years so journalists are more cautious. I don’t blame them, it’s their reputation (and their publications’) integrity on the line if a campaign ends up going up in flames. 

One way or another, there are niche publications scouring the internet for things to write about and feed their readers. What better way to kill two birds with one stone than writing about a cool new product their audience might like and potentially making some cash if someone does buy?

Get Kickbooster here.


I can’t say this enough: you need Canva. 

As you know, crowdfunding campaigns are really visual. You will have images to create, pictures to tweak and graphics to upload. Canva is the one-stop-shop for it all. 

The best news? It’s incredibly easy to use even for people who, like me, have zero design capabilities. 

What I love most about Canva is the preloaded templates (there are thousands) and the drag-and-drop designs for anything you need to create. 

Here is an example of what I created (just today) for my own website:

This took me 10 minutes to whip up.

Here are examples of other items you can create with Canva:

Social Share Image

Out of all the tools I use and recommend, Canva is the main one that I use every single day. I even wrote a more in-depth article on how to use Canva for your campaign.

Get Canva here.

And there it is! No-brainer tools for your crowdfunding launch. 

For more recommended tools, check out the resources I have on hand. I frequently update the list with the most recommended tools and resources for you.

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