5 People You Need For Your Crowdfunding Team

In this episode, host Nalin talks about 5 types of people that you need for your crowdfunding team. She shares her tips to having a successful dream team for your crowdfunding launch!  

She discusses:

– [3:47] When it comes to crowdfunding you have two options. You can bring on an agency to help you or you can do it yourself and bring on people as you need them.

– [3:50] With your crowdfunding you can find five types of people to help you. Five people with different expertise that can create a huge impact and help you crush your crowdfunding launch.

– [3:58] The first type of expert you should look for is your words expert in your campaign. They are the ones that will do the copywriting and more!

– [4:30] The second type of expert is a digital expert. Someone who can help with social media posts, landing pages etc.

– [5:00] The third type of expert is a visual expert. For example, you should find a photographer to help with your visual aspect of your crowdfunding.

– [6:45] The fourth type of expert is someone who has the experience in online communities. Someone who can build your community and following.

– [8:00] The last person you need to help make that dream team is a crowdfunding expert. Someone who knows all the kinks and ways to help you reach your goals!

There are so many experts out there ready to help you! Now get out there and find your dream team!  

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