66 Killer Indiegogo and Kickstarter Crowdfunding Reward Ideas

If you have a product or service that you’re crowdfunding for, the main reward will undoubtedly be that product or service. However, there is so much more than you can do with rewards. You have to come up with original crowdfunding reward ideas if you want to catch the attention of visitors.

When dreaming up your rewards, just make sure that you stay clear of the prohibited items on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Although your project will probably just fit into one category, I’m a firm believer that you can derive inspiration by looking at what other people have successfully done before you – even if they’re in a different category. That’s why I’ve included reward ideas from different categories in this one post. Below are 66 ideas to inspire you to create your next reward!

Technology & Design Crowdfunding Reward Ideas

tech and design crowdfunding reward ideas

Although the main product is usually hardware to be delivered to backers, it’s always fruitful to stretch the imagination and dream up digital rewards. This will not only add variety to your project but also give backers access to something while your product goes into the manufacturing and shipping stages. Doing so can keep your backers at bay while you work out the kinks for your project. 

  1. Backer will have the opportunity to provide a testimonial after using the product that will be included on the website, used in interviews done by the founders, a blog post that the company writes, etc.
  2. Have the backer name engraved on the exterior or interior of the device.
  3. Personal Q&A, AMA, or interview with the founders.
  4. Early access to accessories for the device to expand on functionality.
  5. Early access to any future new products by the same company.
  6. Inclusion into an exclusive VIP group to be a beta tester of the product.
  7. Inclusion into an exclusive VIP group to voice opinions on new products before they go into the idea phase.
  8. Ability to choose variations in color, size, or some other attribute of the product. 
  9. Personal workshop with the founders on backer’s own project.
  10. Access to crowdfunding-specific stretch goals and add-ons.
  11. Extended warranty of the product.

Games Crowdfunding Reward Ideas

games crowdfunding reward ideas

For this category, we’ll cover reward ideas that span the gamut. We’ll go over ideas for tabletop games to videogames to card games and more. 

  1. Early access to “Cheats” or bonus levels, characters, abilities, and items.
  2. Design an item, level, or character. 
  3. Name a main character within the game.
  4. An exclusive signed version of the board game.
  5. Personal workshop with the founder for backer’s own project.
  6. Personal Q&A, AMA, or interview with the founders for the game creation journey.
  7. Do voiceover for a character.
  8. Desktop or facebook wallpaper, poster, soundtrack, or action figure related to the game.
  9. Add an Easter egg within the game. 
  10. Early access to the digital version of the physical board game.
  11. Inclusion into an exclusive VIP group to be an early PnP game reviewer or tester of any new games.

Visual Works Crowdfunding Reward Ideas

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to visual projects. Here I’ve included ideas for rewards for projects in film, video, photography, web series and more. 

  1. Desktop screensaver or mobile phone wallpaper.
  2. Autographed images, pictures or posters from the film. It can be final images you’ll offer or even exclusive behind-the-scenes content.
  3. A character from the movie saying a message of your choosing. 
  4. Name a character in the film or style part of their wardrobe to their liking.
  5. Access to bloopers, behind the scenes footage and alternative endings.
  6. Personal conversation and Q&A with the actor/director about making the film. 
  7. Be an extra in the movie. 
  8. Opportunity to have the backer’s script looked over by the founder.
  9. Access to early drafts of the script or a signed version of the script. 
  10. Pick and keep a prop of their liking from the movie. 
  11. Send a prop of their choice to make a cameo in the video.

Music & Podcasts

music and podcasts crowdfunding reward ideas

In this audio-based category, we explore a variety of both physical and digital rewards that can be offered. 

  1. Early access to the first single of the album, lyrics, song notes, music videos, etc.
  2. Credit on the album cover.
  3. Suggest a word or line be integrated into a song on the album.
  4. Signed CD.
  5. The artist or band sings a cover of a song of the backer’s choosing.
  6. Personalized shoutout from artist or band to someone.
  7. Desktop screensaver or mobile phone wallpaper.
  8. Autographed images, pictures or posters from the artist or band. It can be final images you’ll offer or even exclusive behind-the-scenes content.
  9. Live online jam session with the band. 
  10. Invitation to live recording session or concert.
  11. Be a featured guest in the recording studio or on the show.

Publishing Crowdfunding Reward Ideas

publishing crowdfunding reward ideas

As another highly creative category, there’s a huge opportunity to involve the audience in the project that you’re crowdfunding for. 

  1. A character from the book says a message of backer’s choosing. 
  2. Name a character in the book.
  3. Choose a setting/scene or specific prop that is integral to the plot.
  4. Access to exclusive content including drafts, alternative endings, characters left out, plot twists considered, etc.
  5. A signed copy of the work, posters or artwork.
  6. Invitation to write a book review that will be used on the physical version.
  7. The first copy of the audio version of the book.
  8. Early access to confirmed chapters even before the book is finalized.
  9. Q&A or one-on-one with the author to learn more about their intentions regarding the storyline, characters, etc.
  10. Personal workshop with the author on backer’s own project.
  11. Get the author as your pen pal for a full year.

Food Ideas

There’s a wide variety of projects within the food space so the ideas swing far and wide. There are people crowdfunding to open a new store, bring to life a new cooking gadget, release a cookbook, and more. However, use this as a springboard for your project and what you can potentially offer your backers.

  1. Donation to a local food charity.
  2. Personal Q&A, AMA, or interview with the founders.
  3. Gift basket of top-rated items from the founder’s store. 
  4. Recipe book (electronic or physical) with a collection of delicious meals the founder likes to make.
  5. Personal workshop with the founders on backer’s own project.
  6. Access to early ideas of new recipes and trials and failures of them.
  7. Samples of new recipes shipped directly to backer.
  8. Reusable grocery shopping tote with the brand logo on it
  9. Meet and greet with the founder to whip up a delicious meal.
  10. Acknowledgment within the cookbook or a signed copy.
  11. Large-scale art print from the cookbook, mounted and suitable for hanging.

Final Thoughts

There it is! The 66 reward ideas for both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. I hope that you were able to take something from here for your own project or the list sparked some novel idea! 

The rule of thumb for any crowdfunding project is that the rewards should be what your audience wants and desires. If you’re not sure what your audience wants, be sure to ask. You’re crowdfunding because you want to bring a project to life with funds from a crowd, and what better way to build a rapport than by starting a conversation.

To make your life even easier, here’s a guide on how to price your rewards and organize your pledges.

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