Campaign Review

So you’re ready to launch? That’s great to hear!

If this is your first rodeo, have no fear! I’m here to give you the help, guidance and actionable tips you need to launch with your best foot forward.

Heck, even if this is your second, third or sixth crowdfunding campaign, I’d still be happy to offer you expert tips and advice to increase your Indiegogo and Kickstarter page conversion rate.

I’m not a big-name agency so you might be thinking – is this person even qualified to review my project page? Why I’m glad you asked! Ever since I started working in crowdfunding in 2015, I’ve seen many campaign pages and worked on even more. Over the years, I’ve helped entrepreneurs raise over $13 million with their projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and I’m here in your corner to help you succeed.

What you’ll get

1️⃣ A detailed analysis of your crowdfunding page design, structure, rewards and other general tips for your crowdfunding project.
2️⃣ 45-minute private consultation to go over your campaign page where you and I go through every single part of your campaign and talk about what you can do to beef it up. Whether it’s your video, rewards, campaign copy, or marketing efforts and beyond.
3️⃣A detailed action checklist for exactly what you will need to do to get your campaign ready to launch.

Who is this option for?

This option is perfect for those who want a professional “second look” before launching.

How this works

If you’re ready for a set of expert eyes to review your campaign page, let’s get to it. By clicking below, you’ll be redirected to checkout via PayPal.

After payment ($97), you’ll get sent to a page where you will send me your project information and schedule a call.