3 Perfect Topics To Post During Your Pre-Launch

In this episode, host Nalin talks about topics to post about during pre-launch. She shares her 3 topics you should be posting and how to crush your crowdfunding launch!

She discusses:

– [1:42] People are interested and excited about your product, there’s so many things that you can say on your launch channel.

– [2:19] The first thing you should post is information about your product.

– [5:55] The second thing you should post about during your pre-launch is behind the scenes.

– [9:35] The third thing you can talk about is the “founders’ journey.” Share what your product means to you, share its value, and share just some nitty gritty details.

– [13:34] These things will help people be more close to you as an entrepreneur that they are going to beg you to take their money so they can help you create this product.

– [14:09] There’s so many things you can say and show people to build that trust, and credibility.

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