Crowdfund Like A Boss By Thinking Like A Project Manager

how to have a project manager mindset for your launch

In this episode, host Nalin talks about how to have a project manager mindset for your launch. Nalin shares tips on how to be successful with your project manager mindset!

She discusses:

[1:50] You can’t enjoy both of two desirable but mutually exclusive alternatives.

[2:24] There are trades off that you have to sometimes take in life.

[4:22] The main trade-off in crowdfunding is when you are looking at your project as a project manager mindset.

[5:38] You can’t take charge of all aspects of your project at once, they all won’t go the way you planned and that is the trade-off.

[8:45] Crowdfunding is all about the scope, budget and time.

[8:57] Your scope is what you are looking to raise for your particular project.

[10:18] When it comes to time, how much time are you going to give yourself to meet this scope?

[11:40]  When it comes to budget, how much money do you have to invest?

[12:13] Everyone’s scope is pretty constant, but time and budget range all over the place.

[14:11] You have to think to yourself and figure out if you want to focus more on your time or budget with realistic expectations.

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