Don’t Reinvent The Wheel (Model What Works!)

Have you heard the saying “work smarter not harder?” Well, that is exactly what Nalin is going to teach you in regards to crowdfunding in this episode. 

From page structure to landing page to fulfilling your product for your backers – learn the most important tips and tricks for how to evaluate others in your industry to ensure maximum success for your project or product.  

[1:56]: How The Coke v. Pepsi Debate Relates To Your Crowdfunding 

If someone else is doing something that works…shouldn’t you do the same?

[7:38]: The Importance of Page Structure

How are others laying their page our and building their campaigns? What can you do with this information?

[9:24]: Benefits of Rewards 

What more are my competitors giving that will put them ahead in the market? 

[11:31]: A Landing Page

The benefits of a good landing page and what you should do to yours for maximum funding.

[18:06: How Are You Going To Actually Fulfill Your Orders To Backers?

After all the marketing, networking, creating, and building you have to actually get the product to people. That can be as intimidating as the other parts of the process. Here is what you need to know. 

[21:45]: Big Picture: How Not To Reinvent The Wheel

So what exactly do you need to know as not to waste your time reinventing the wheel?

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