Get Strangers To Back Your Crowdfunding Project



One question Nalin often gets is- “How do you get complete strangers on the internet to back your project and give you money?” To that we say- great question!


It’s one thing to get people who know and love you to back your projects, but getting complete strangers from the internet? That’s a totally different thing altogether. What’s even stranger is that somehow it’s those people who we don’t even know that we want to win over more than those we are closest to. 


In this episode, we go over four different reasons why internet strangers will choose to support your campaign. By knowing these four reasons you will be able to set yourself up with a campaign that will have people believing in you as a business and entrepreneur. 


Main Takeaways


[0:40]: Why Strangers Are Better Than Family 

How is it that we get more satisfaction from complete strangers backing our projects then our own friends and family? 

[2:11]: 1- Social Proof

How social proof can make someone rationalize why your project isn’t worth their time.

[8:31]: 2- Reach Your Goal Early

Everyone wants to support a winner. So, let’s talk about what that looks like.

[11:16]: 3- Get Badges Of Honor 

Visual representations of your trustworthiness and legitimacy will go a long way in your crowdfunding success. 

[15:11]: 4- Testimonials

Who better to tell you about a product then someone you trust and whose opinion you value!?

[16:43]: Recap of 4 Ways To Win Over Those Internet Strangers 

Recap of four reasons internet strangers will support your campaign. 


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