How Move Raised $114,943 On Launch Day

The key driver for Launch Day crowdfunding success for any campaign is an email list. More specifically, a lead generation list of people who want your product.

As many agencies and consultants will tell you, the true challenge with building a pre-launch email list is creating one that has the most chances of converting emails into backers and dollars. 

Typically, you’ll see 3-5% of an email list convert into a backer by the end of your campaign. That’s quite low compared to the effort you’ll have to put in to even build the email list. 

This all changes today.

How Move Found Leads 12x More Likely To Become A Backer

With this problem of finding the most qualified leads in mind, we knew that we wanted to build a funnel that helps determine how likely people are to buy. Simply put, we set out to find people with the highest purchase intent.  

This is how we achieved crowdfunding success on Day 1 for Move:

1. Set Up a Facebook/Instagram Ad

A person clicks on a Facebook/Instagram ad and is taken to a landing page.

2. Set up Landing Page Signup

On the landing page, the main call-to-action is to give us their email address so they can get notified when we launch. 

This is where the typical lead generation funnel for crowdfunding ends. We took it one step further.

3. Set up a $1 Reservation Payment

After the person has given their email, we then make an offer for them to put down a $1 deposit to reserve the membership at the best discount and early access to the project.

move created a reservation funnel to become a crowdfunding success

4. Set up an exclusive Facebook Group

If they put down the $1 deposit, then they are invited into the closed Move Insiders Facebook Group. Here, group members had direct access to incredible Move content as well as live AMAs with the founder. This group proved to be an incredible place to foster community before launch and test out any of our lingering ideas. 

move used an exclusive facebook group to get their crowdfunding success

Launch Day Results That Completely Blew Us Away

We weren’t exactly sure what to expect on Launch Day: how would people who placed a $1 deposit differ from those who did not place a $1 deposit?

What happened next was completely shocking.

The response was so incredible that Move raised the $50,000 they needed within 3 hours. 

getting funded in 3 hours is incredible crowdfunding success

This reservation funnel allowed the Move team to generate $36,480 from the pre-launch email list alone within those initial hours.

At the end of Day 1, they raised a total of $114,943.

And guess what? The people who paid $1 to reserve their spot were 12x more likely to place a pre-order than those who did not leave $1. 

Needless to say, we were blown away by the results.

3 Reasons To Set Up A Lead Generation Reservation Funnel To Become Successful in Crowdfunding

By creating this type of funnel during the lead generation period, the Move team was able to:

  1. Optimize lead generation advertisements for purchase intent vs. lead intent
  2. Allocate ad budget more effectively and get a higher return on ad spend 
  3. Build a community of people that is 12x more likely to pre-order a membership

They completely crushed their crowdfunding launch and ended up raising $420,835.

move supermarket got crowdfunding success

Because of these reasons, you should also set up your own lead generation reservation funnel.

If you’re interested in getting similar results and become a crowdfunding success yourself, I invite you to join the coaching program that’s helped raise over $13 million for others like yourself. You can learn more about the crowdfunding coaching program here.

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