How To Bring Attention To Your Campaign

In this episode, host Nalin talks about how to bring attention to your campaign. She shares her tips to get that attention to crush your crowdfunding launched on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

She discusses:

– [0:48] Attention is especially important for any campaign success.

– [2:38] There are two avenues you can take to bring attention to your campaign. These are paid or non-paid.

– [3:45] People take the paid route by buying things like campaigns on Facebook etc.

– [5:33] Another way to get paid attention is to invest your budget in partnerships.

– [7:48] The third way to pay for attention for your campaign is to put yourself in front of crowdfunding specific audiences.

– [11:30] A non paying way to get attention to your campaign is to start adding value.

– [12:06] You should do things like, liking their comments, commenting back etc. Just something to contribute to the community.

– [13:31] This is not an overnight success kind of thing; you have to work for it and don’t give up!

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