How To Create Facebook Ads That Work

The fastest way to build up an audience for your crowdfunding launch is through Facebook Ads. It’s a powerful way to reach millions of people and get funding for your project with just a few clicks. 

Many people ask me how to create Facebook ads that work so this article will go through the details of a Facebook ad unit.

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Anatomy Of A Killer Facebook Ad

There are 4 things to keep in mind when working on your ad unit: 

  1. Headline
  2. Text
  3. Image
  4. Call-to-action

Outside of the actual ad targeting itself (which is VERY VERY VERY CRUCIAL), these are the four most important things to consider when looking at each individual ad unit. 

Grab Attention With Words And Images

The way to succeed with ads is to build an exciting yet concise piece of content. As such, everything you write should be short and quippy and each image must generate curiosity.

Captivating Headline

One of the most important components of an ad unit is the actual headline itself. There are a few types of headlines that lend themselves to people stopped dead in their tracks.

Headlines That Give A Wow Factor

The [adjective] Ever

The Coolest Portable Air Conditioner Ever

Headlines That Are Questions

Want The World’s First Desktop Hydroponics Greenhouse? 

Headlines That Invoke Curiosity

These NASA Inspired Sunglasses Are Made of Aerospace-Grade Titanium

Descriptive Text

The text section should include additional information about the product in the most concise way possible.

Here are some ways you can write the text:


Beat the heat and stay cool no matter where you go. The only air conditioner that’s truly portable so you can stay cool anywhere, anytime.

Sign up for HUGE discounts when we launch on Kickstarter! 


Join our community to receive HUGE discounts when we launch

Relevant CTA

The call-to-action (CTA) that you use for your ads must work with the campaign phase that you’re in. If you’re collecting emails, it’s safe to say that you should use the “Sign Up” CTA. On the other hand, if you’ve launched, be sure to use “Shop Now” or “Learn More” as CTAs to get people to visit your crowdfunding page.

Exciting Image

The key with Facebook images is that you don’t need to have anything professionally done to be successful. 

Think about it this way, Facebook is a place where people browse for fun – they don’t want to be advertised to, they want to be spoken to from the same level. 

Therefore, a lot of the times non- professional, authentic-looking imagery performs much better than more “clinical” looks.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

Do you see how low-key the images are? 

When you’re running your ads, remember that people aren’t looking to be sold by a company. If they see a polished image or something that’s very clean cut and clinical, they’ll think “ad” and quickly scroll away. Instead, use imagery that looks natural in their newsfeed yet still evokes curiosity for them to click.

I recommend using Canva to create your ad images. It’s a free online platform to design anything. 

Pro tip: Facebook really dislikes text on ads. 

The rule of thumb is that all images must have less than 20% text on it in order for Facebook to approve it. Use this tool to see if your image passes Facebook’s strict image guidelines.

Final Thoughts

So that’s how to create Facebook Ads! If you’re looking for more examples of ads to inspire your own, be sure to check out the Facebook/Instagram Ad Swipe File in the Crush Crowdfunding Resources section.

This swipe file is a curated collection of ads from projects that have gone out and crushed it on crowdfunding. This download includes ads from these campaigns:

  • Thermbot (over $301k raised)
  • Superstrata (over $6M raised)
  • Poma Brush (over $443k raised)
  • Whipr (over $3M raised)
  • And over 50+ more!

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