How To Crush The Last 48 Hours Of Your Crowdfunding Campaign

In this episode, host Nalin talks about how to crush the last 48 hours of your campaign. Nalin shares tips on how to crush it to end your campaign strong and successfully!

She discusses:

[1:17] The last 48 hours of your campaign are the most crucial part.

[5:23] Basically the best way to crush your last 48 hours of your campaign, is to tackle it with the same amount of intensity as your initial launch.

[6:13] Make sure to tell your social media channels and keep them updated.

[8:07] Tell and update your email list on your launch.

[10:07] Tell your backers to bring in their friends and families for your referral program.

[11:36] Bring your own friends and family into your campaign.

[15:53] Be available and be responsive to your campaign.

[17:17] Work with third party backer sites.

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