How To Crush The Last 48 Hours Of Your Crowdfunding Campaign

In this episode, host Nalin talks about how to crush the last 48 hours of your campaign. Nalin shares tips on how to crush it to end your campaign strong and successfully!

She discusses:

[1:17] The last 48 hours of your campaign are the most crucial part.

[5:23] Basically the best way to crush your last 48 hours of your campaign, is to tackle it with the same amount of intensity as your initial launch.

[6:13] Make sure to tell your social media channels and keep them updated.

[8:07] Tell and update your email list on your launch.

[10:07] Tell your backers to bring in their friends and families for your referral program.

[11:36] Bring your own friends and family into your campaign.

[15:53] Be available and be responsive to your campaign.

[17:17] Work with third party backer sites.

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This is the crush crowdfunding podcast, the number one place for people who want to launch on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

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My name is Nalin and I invite you to join me for tips, hacks and insights to get you launched and fully funded.

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What's up everybody? Welcome to the session of the crush crowdfunding podcast.

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Thank you so much for joining me today.

My name is Nalin and I'm here to help you launch your dream and absolutely crush it with your crowdfunding launch.

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Today, we'll go over some tips to crush the last 48 hours of your campaign. I know, I know, I know. Some people aren't at that point in their crowdfunding processes, but you know, some people are so we're going to talk about these tips. So even if you're not ready for this point yet, be sure to take down some notes and get your minds kind of wrapped around this particular part of the campaign, because it's really important. There's going to be people who potentially could be fund for the last 48 hours of the campaign. There can be a huge new spike of people to come back to your campaign and actually back the project and actually pledged to the project. So
it's a really, really

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crucial part of your campaign. So I would really love for you guys to plan for it if you're not there yet. And if you're there, time to action, for sure. First, let's talk about how a project usually pans out between the 30 to 60 days of your campaign, whether it's on Kickstarter, or whether it's on Indiegogo, right? Projects are usually what I would like to say is an inverse bell curve. You're probably familiar with the normal bell curve where things start kind of small, and then it kind of shoots up in the middle and then drops in the bottom again, all the way in the right of the graph, right? That's a typical bell curve, but our crowdfunding campaign just kind of flips that on its head. They're usually an inverse bell curve. And why is that? Let's talk about the three phases that make up a crowdfunding campaign. There's three phases and the first phase, it's the beginning. There's a lot of people at the beginning of your project, from all that pre launch work that you've done before. Everyone is excited they're ready for the party, that is your launch. They're ready to, you know, just kind of bust down your doors for the campaign and just back your project and make pledges for your project. There's a huge spike in backers and funding at this beginning phase of your project because everyone is super excited. You've been hyping them up. You've been doing social media campaigns at the beginning to say, hey, seven days to go six days ago, five days ago, we're launching soon. Yay. Yay. Everyone's super duper excited for your launch. They're just ready to just make sure this idea comes to light, alright? So that's the beginning. In the middle, things slow down quite a bit. There's not that many people in the middle. The number of backers you get starts slowing down each day, you know, backers per day, start to decrease, the funding amount starts to slow down. You start getting a little worried about your projects and your campaign and what you should do to find more traffic, get more people through the door, get more people to actually see your page to actually back your campaign. You're kind of sweating buckets, you might get a little cranky because you haven't been sleeping because you've been dealing with all this crowdfunding stuff for the past few days. I called this middle part, the valley of death for crowdfunding because you know, things kind of sink in that inverse bell curve. It kind of sinks a little bit and backers and funding but don't worry, because if you action right, you get to the last part of your campaign which gets really, really exciting again.

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Remember at the beginning, where everyone's like, yeah, yeah, rah, rah, rah, there's a party for the launch. Let's back it right now. Well, towards the last part of the campaign, things really do get quite exciting again. There's a lot of people streaming into the project again. You'll get those last minute backers that are exactly kind of like what happens at the end of a Summer Sale. Just think about a Summer Sale. There's, hey, there's a sale from the first of July to the end of July, right? People are coming in for door busters but there's also those laggards who say, "Oh no the sale is ending soon so I should get this right now." They're pretty much the same people you'll see here on a crowdfunding campaign too. They'll think, "Oh no the deals ending soon, I should really go and put in my pre order now or else I won't be able to get the same product at this pre order price ever again." And they rushed to back your project before the campaign actually ends. And that again, takes your number of backers per day up quite higher again and the funding amount per day number a lot higher again too. So those are kind of the three phases of a project. And right now we're going to focus on that really, really end tip of the project and how to crush those last 48 hours of your campaign. Basically, the way to best, just absolutely destroy that last 48 hours of your campaign is to tackle it with the same intensity as your initial launch. So think about your launch. When we talk about launch, we always talk about how you have to make it a huge deal, huge party, everyone can't wait for the event to happen, your launch event. Your time where you click the launch button and your page actually goes live and they can actually back the project on crowdfunding. I want you to tackle that 48 hours, those last 48 hours with the same intensity as the initial launch. So what does this mean? What does this actually mean in practice? I know a lot of you are thinking about this. So let's go through step by step what kind of things you can do to actually, you know, tackle that last part of your campaign with the same intensity. For one tell your social media channels. By now, you should know that you should be keeping them updated, keeping your potential backers, your audience, your crew, your like actual backers who really updated on what's going on with your projects. So on your social media channels, you should be doing things like posting Hey, there's seven days left or the campaign. Hey, there's six days left, yada, yada. Oh, no, there's 48 hours left for you to get the product at this price point. Oh, there's only 24 hours left. Oh, there's only 12 hours left. And hit people with things like

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quotes from different journal articles or press releases or press mentions that you've had. Hit people with things like testimonials and people who have been beta testing it throughout the project. Or quotes from people who have backed the project and are super excited about getting the project in real life, or hit them with information like, Hey, we're finally you know, fully funded, and we're gonna head to manufacturing. So this is what the manufacturing is gonna look like, this is when you're going to get it. Hit them with updates to make sure that they know that you're around, make sure that they know that you're credible, make sure that they know that you're there ready to get the product into production and into their hands. Make sure that you're credible, make sure that you're trustworthy. So tell your social media channels. Let them know that hey, this is ending soon and I'm making this. This is ending soon. I'm making it and you can get it for just 48 hours off 24 hours, 12 hours, yada yada. Only a few hours left for you to get all of this at the best possible price. So make sure you're all over social media. Make sure you're all over anywhere public, to be able to tell people that. Because sometimes people just need a little nudging, they need a little reminder. So that's your social media channels. The next thing you need to do is also to tell your email list. Your email list is, again, the people who are, who have expressed interest ever since the pre launch phase. You found them through advertising, through Facebook groups, through simply, through a lot of these other different channels, that they probably will be interested in pre ordering your product. And so these people on your email list are pretty warm leads, right? They're people who have expressed interest but they just haven't bought or pre ordered your product yet. So in these last 48 hours be sure to let them know like, Hey, you express interest and this is literally the last time you're going to be able to get this product at this price. It's never going to be at this lower price again. Get it, help us make this a reality and we'll get it to you and you know, three months, six months, seven months down the line, whatever your timeline may be. Basically keep reminding them. Again, just like I've said before, people just need some reminders. Some people need a little nudge. Don't be scared to just give them that nudge, right? Because on average the data says that people need on average, at least seven times of exposure to your particular product, your particular idea, your particular service, before they actually end up buying or in a committing to you. Seven times. When was the last time you followed up to someone seven times? So again be present on social media. Hit them everywhere you can, on Twitter, on Instagram, on Pinterest, if you're on there on Facebook. Wherever you are, make sure they know that you're there, that they know that your campaign is ending. Your email list is another place to be to letting them know hey, we're ending so you can still get this in just a few days. We're going to be over though but get it now. Just give them that little nudge. The next thing you can do is really tell your backers to bring in their friends and family to your campaign and they can get rewarded for it. What that pretty much means is your referral program, right? So there's people who have already backed to your project, they're already in with your list of people who have spent monies who actually help you bring this product to life. They really, really, really want to see this come to life, they really want to see the project actually be manufactured and be shipped to them. And one of the ways you can entice them to continue sharing to people they know getting that you know, word of mouth marketing out, is through a referral program. Tell them hey, if you actually invite your friends or your family you know, we'll give you a slight kickback or Hey, we'll give you a shout out if your friend and family back to the project too. Or Hey, we'll give you so and so if you get your friends and family to back the campaign. Or Hey, we'll really appreciate oh really thank you if we see you in real life or give you like a five minute hug. Whatever it is that you can do to get your backers to bring in more people. It's really important that those last 48 hours too, because again, they really want to see the project come to life. They have, they really are so invested in your story that they've spent their disposable income on your project, right? And they really want to see it come to life. And they probably have friends and family and people in their network who are really excited and really interested in what you're offering too. So make sure to tell your backers

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let them know that they still have a few more days to bring in friends, bring in family and get in on the campaign and get rewarded for it. The next thing I want to talk about is that you also need to get your own friends and family into the campaign before the campaign ends. If you've been following along with me for a while now, you'll know that I really really encourage every single creator, every single founder, every single entrepreneur to make a really, really solid list of friends, families, acquaintances, people in their network to back their project on that first day. Because first day is so, the first day of the launch day is so important. But that's, that's a different, that's kind of a different conversation. Right now we're talking about the end of the campaign. You probably have a list of friends, families, acquaintances, coworkers, what are, what have you, right? You probably have this list already. You probably also have a column that says, hey, this person has committed X dollars. And or, hey, this person has committed X dollars and hasn't pre ordered the product yet, or this person has committed this number of dollars, and they have pre ordered. So go through your list of friends and families. It should be a really long list should be a really cool long, tight list. And go through and say, Hey, who here has committed to preorder the product but still hasn't actually pledged or hasn't actually contributed funds to the campaign? Go through the list and just check in with them. Just be like Hey, You know, if you, hey, thanks for, thanks again for telling me that you want to help me bring this to life. I know that you're really busy, there's only 48 hours left in my project, would you mind getting in the pre order now so that I can really secure that number so that I can really take this big solid number to the manufacturing plant, get a better deal for supply, yada yada yada. Whatever you want to say, to get your friends and family on your side, just to get your friends and family to know that this is so important to you. This is so important to you for them to get in those $5 $10 $15, in before the last 48 hours because it's going to boost your rankings. It's going to boost your organic views. It's going to make it so that when you go to your orders, your suppliers are like wow, they got a lot more orders than we expected, we're gonna take down their unit costs right? Make sure your friends and family knows that and make sure that you're able to check in with those who has committed to preorder during your campaign and make sure that you actually go out and do it, right? Some people are scared. Some people say, Oh, no crowdfunding, I don't want to bother my friends and family. I don't want to get out and talk to people in my own network to tell them that I'm launching something. I'm creating something. I'm trying to build something and make something in reality. People are scared about that. But to be honest, the majority of crowdfunding projects, the vast majority of crowdfunding projects are from friends and family and crowdfunding, the Kickstarter platform, the Indiegogo platform is just a formalized way to collect that money, collect those pledges. So you're not just doing a cash exchange, right? The crowd platform is just the platform for you to just formally ask people for contribution, formally ask people for funding for an idea. So I know it can be awkward. I know it can be scary, but go out there and just get your friends and family to help support you the last 48 hours. Because little do you know that like, everyone is super excited to help you, everyone's super excited to get to help you get your idea to life. I'm sure this is something you've been working on for the past, you know few weeks, past few months, past few years. And if they're your friends and family, they're gonna want to support you. They're gonna want to support your endeavor, they're gonna want to support whatever you're doing and just be the backbone of you and your your vision, your story, your ideas, your future life, right? So get over those fears. Go out and ask him, go out and and call people and say, Hey, 40 hours left, hey, 24 hours off, can you you know, help me get out there and be the person to to ask for help, right? Be that person. Too many people forget to ask for help. And they don't get to where they want to be. Don't be scared. Just I encourage you to go out and ask for help. And one of the other things I want to talk about help you crush your last 48 hours is to be available and be responsive

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on your crowdfunding page, on your social media channels. Everywhere possible that you can be, be there for every comment, every discussion, every single thread, send out some updates to people. Like thank backers, one by one as they pledge or contribute to your product, just thank them, thank them from the heart, right? Also just make sure that this isn't something you're waiting to do until the final 48 hours actually, like you should have been doing this already throughout your campaign. But the final 48 hours is also incredibly important. Because if someone you know someone, if I arrive on a project page and only see a few updates a few comments over the entire course of the project, I'm not going to be really enthused about the creator's ability to interact and engage and rally people together and kind of get things done. Right? So this is something you need to demonstrate over the course of the project and you can really, really kick into high gear at the end of the campaign where you're trying to maintain that trust that credibility, that transparency before the campaign ends. And the last thing I would really encourage you to work on to just absolutely crush the last 48 hours of your project is to work with third party backer sites. Work with people who have a crowdfunding list already. You'll have a lot of social proof already, so people going to your page will be more likely to convert. And what better way to get really warm traffic than to work with people who have lists that are great with crowdfunding. People who have built up crowdfunding lists like, companies like gadget flow or backer kit or backer club or backers hub or there's so many out there right? Get the into their newsletter, say hey, this is a 14 hours left kind of newsletter, get get the word out there the project is ending soon. Get people to come into your project and support it before the campaign ends. Get the word out there to a lot of people, as many people as possible, don't stop, it's 48 hours, there's no more time left, right? You won't be able to take more pre orders for your product after, this after this, you're going straight to manufacturing, right? This is your launch. This is how you're going to, you know, end. End with a bang, end with a bang. So just reach out to all these people and say, Hey, can I get a newsletter? When can I get a newsletter? Can I get all your newsletter last 24 hours, to create that urgency? Get all those people in. So we just went over six different ways to just absolutely crush the last 48 hours of your project. And I'm so excited for you to go out and put all these tips into action. Thank you so much for listening to me today. And I will see you next time on the same channel. Bye guys. I'll see you go out and crush it. Thanks for listening to the crush crowdfunding podcast at

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Tune in the same time next week for more ways to crush your launch.

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