How To Learn To Succeed On Crowdfunding From Others (FREE!)

You’re here because you are thinking about launching a crowdfunding campaign, and like many creators, you’re want to learn the best, and cheapest, ways to launch on crowdfunding and get funded. So welcome! Today we will talk about how you can learn how to succeed in crowdfunding from others who’ve come before you. And best of all, for free. 

The most important tips and tricks are there for everyone to see. You just need to know how to look for the signs of success. Learn how you can evaluate others in your industry or niche to ensure your own success

For example: Coke vs. Pepsi

There are 2 misunderstandings when it comes to competition. Either people think that they cannot do something because someone else is already doing it, or they have to do this thing absolutely different and in essence reinvent the wheel. But the coke vs. Pepsi tells us all the contrary. 

You can have several brands providing a service or bringing a solution to the market, who are doing the basic things the same way, have the same audience and their marketing approach is alike. Is on the details where Pepsi and Coke differentiate themselves from one another. 

And so should you. If you have a problem that can solve a problem and an audience for it, it doesn’t matter that there’s already something alike on the market. Your crowdfunding campaign will succeed if you put in the right work. 

So there’s a lot to learn from previous campaigns, and the information is there for free for you to see. Here’s what you can learn from other campaigns in your industry:

Page Structure

You want to collect information on different campaigns on Kickstarter or Indiegogo that have succeeded in crowdfunding before and see how they structure their page. In which order do they present the information? What takes the biggest attention of the user? 

to learn how to succeed in crowdfunding you need to learn how to structure your page from other campaigns

The more campaigns you look at, the more you’ll see patterns appear. And although there’s not one fail proof campaign set up for every creator, this pattern works as a template on how you should structure your page. 

Take it one step further and check out not-so-successful crowdfunding campaigns and see the differences. You’ll see the patterns emerge here as well. 

Benefits of Rewards 

You have a product that solves a problem. Awesome. Now you want to see how to make your rewards attractive. And you go back to looking into previous successful crowdfunding campaigns. 

How do they set up their rewards? What is the backer getting for their money? What extra rewards or benefits are they giving to the highest reward backers? 

Use this as inspiration to know what you should also be offering with your main product. 

Landing Page

By now you know that in order to succeed in crowdfunding you need to have a lot of funding on day 1 of your campaign launch. And by now you know the proven way to do that is by building an email list that you can connect with directly, build excitement, and that is the most invested audience you’ll get, the people who will most likely convert into backers. Go here to know how to create a landing page that converts at 50%

All clear. Landing page, email list, launch. 

So go ahead and look for other campaigns landing pages. What is the above the fold information they show? By far you’ll find that creators put a huge call to action, attractive headline and visual that shows what will be “Coming soon!”. 

But do your research, look for some previous and current campaigns and find the success patterns on their landing pages. When you have identified what works, do the same. 

How to succeed on crowdfunding fulfillment

You can either do the fulfillment: production, packaging and shipment yourself in your garage/office, or you can hire a third party service to do it for you. There are agencies that specialize in fulfillment for crowdfunding products. 

Fulfillment is a scary word for a lot of creators. But if you’re first looking into how to do it, do yourself a favor and create relationships with other creators in the same niche. And ask them how it went for them and their campaigns. 

Some people do the fulfillment themselves, while others use a third-party fulfillment service. Get in contact with these creators and see the pros and cons of each option for your industry. 

You’d be surprised how much people are willing to share their insights. 

Make sure you get informed and include fulfillment in your budget. 

Final thoughts

Work smarter, not harder. In conclusion, don’t waste time starting from scratch trying to learn and invent a methodology from scratch, when there are thousands of people who have succeeded in crowdfunding before you, and have followed the same basic steps. 

Invest time in researching, in backing other projects, and in creating relationships with other creators to know best what has worked in the past and how you can model it for your business and product. 

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