How To Support Your Friends On Kickstarter

Friends and family are tremendously important for a crowdfunding launch! That’s why, if you know someone who has started a Kickstarter campaign, you want to support them. Not only will they need that emotional and mental support from you, but if you back their project, you’ll help to boost your funding amount and activate the Kickstarter algorithm.

Oftentimes people who have created a Kickstarter campaign don’t have time (or the brainpower) to teach everyone what Kickstarter is about and how to use it to help them. 

If you’re not familiar with what Kickstarter is and how to back projects on the platform, this guide is for you. Or if you’re a campaigner that wants to make sure your friends and family know how to back your project!

I’ve also included a downloadable sheet at the bottom of this article. If you want to start a Kickstarter campaign, this document will be an easy email to send to friends and family. If you are a friend or family of someone who’s starting a Kickstarter, it’s a super useful and easy way to get involved. 

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform. As such, they offer a centralized platform where entrepreneurs can collect funds for an idea they want to bring to the market.

The company’s stated mission is to “help bring creative projects to life”, and it changes people’s lives all year long! It’s pretty amazing, which is why I love bringing awareness to it.

How To Create A Kickstarter Account

If you’re someone who is going to create a Kickstarter, I would recommend you taking your friends and family through this process before your campaign launches so that everything will be set up and ready when you do launch. 

Launch day is a huge stressor, so getting things planned out and done beforehand will help you alleviate some of that pressure. 

If you’re someone looking to support a Kickstarter creator you know, create an account now to get used to the platform and browse all the other amazing ideas. Be careful though, it’s easy to get sucked into all the cool products!

Step 1: Head to and click “Log In”

Step 2: Scroll down to click “Sign Up”

Step 3: Fill in your personal information. It is optional to check the two boxes.

How To Support A Kickstarter Project

Once your campaign, or the campaign you want to support, is live it’s time to share! Send your friends and family the Kickstarter page! Even just sharing the page on your social media can help someone’s campaign reach more people. Remember, the more eyes the better. 

Below is how to share those awesome Kickstarter campaigns.

Step 1: Head to the Kickstarter page you want to support

In this case, we’re using The Way of Kings campaign as an example.

Step 2: Click on the reward you want to support. This will be on the right-hand side of the Kickstarter page.

Step 3: You have the option to add as much contribution as you’d like

This is the really cool thing about Kickstarter. You can donate what works best for you, even if it’s just $10. The best Kickstarter campaigns have a variety of reward options depending on the amount of money you spend, so you can usually get a little something in return for your early support!

You can also add a larger sum for a smaller reward. For this example, I have added $500 to a $10 reward. Because I put it in the $10 pledge spot, I will get the reward listed at the $10 level only, but the campaigner will receive the $500 support (minus crowdfunding fees). 

Click “Continue” to move to the next step.

Step 4: Confirm the pledge amount and payment information

Click “Pledge” to confirm the amount.

One other thing most people don’t know about Kickstarter is that you will not be charged until the end of the campaign, and only if it is fully funded. So keep track of the campaign and don’t forget you backed it some 20 days later! 

A Cheat Sheet For You

This another method of creating an account on Kickstarter. For a campaigner who already launched, this helps your friends and family create an account as they go through to back your specific project.

The whole process is in the PDF below. That way you can send it directly to your people once your campaign goes live!

Get it here.

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