Indiegogo Fees Free Calculator

So you’re launching a campaign? Awesome! Congratulations on getting your idea out there.

Creating a correct budget is one of the most important things since you want to get all of those numbers just right. And one of those numbers to consider is Indiegogo’s fees.

Indiegogo charges you a flat fee of 5% of all the funds raised, and the credit card processor Stripe charges an additional 3%, plus $0.30 per transaction. You can learn more about their fees and pricing here.

But let’s crack those numbers. Use the following free calculator to know how much you would be paying in Indiegogo’s fees.

Indiegogo’s Fee Calculator

Just insert the total funds raised (or what you plan on raising) and the number of backers.

And that’s all! Play around with the numbers to have the big image of what your campaign may look like. Remember, fees differ based on funding type.

If you are considering launching with Kickstarter instead, you can check our Kickstarter Fees Free Calculator.

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