Learn how to create the best funnel for free

Oh, funnels. Where would marketing be without you? This is a term that people either love or hate. But I personally think you really should understand it so you can create the best funnel possible for your brand. There’s little to no way around it. So let’s get to it. 

I call this strategy: Best Funnel Hacking

Image if you could know what works best to get people’s attention and emails in your niche without so much trial and error. How do you know what successful brands before you have done to be, well, successful?

Here’s where “funnel hacking” comes into place. It’s all about following those who came before you and analyzing the most out of the data you can get from their marketing campaigns. Sounds complicated but it really isn’t. Follow the steps:

1. Screenshots: Create a database of ads

When you start being in the crowdfunding or launching atmosphere, you’ll start getting more and more ads in front of you. Make sure you don’t just scroll mindlessly past them. Use them! 

See an eye-catching ad online? Stop, take a screenshot and analyze what you find. Make sure to do it each time so you have enough data to compare and find the things in common. What are you looking for?

  • The type of image they used
  • Is it a video or still image?
  • Is it a lifestyle type of message?
  • How long is the video? 
  • What kind of people are in it?
  • What message are they sending?
  • What’s their call to action? Is it “sign up now”? Is it “follow us”?
  • What’s their headline?

This database will serve as an inspiration board later on when you have to start your own ad campaign. 

For example: If your niche is board games, and you see a lot of different campaigns with playthrough videos as ads, then you’ll probably want to do something alike as well. Why? Because this is what is working for other creators. If it wasn’t you wouldn’t be seeing it as much. 

Same goes for every other part of the ad. Keep a database and use it.

2. Click on someone else’s ad and check out their landing page

You need a landing page to collect emails. Here’s how to create your do it. Just as with ads, check other campaign’s landing pages and look for the following:

  • Type and number of images
  • Is it mobile friendly? (Tip: YES IT SHOULD because this is what search engines are prioritizing when indexing websites)
  • Are images on carrousels?
  • Do they have reviews?
  • Do they have testimonials?
  • What sections they have
  • How long the page is
  • Do they have badges?
  • What’s their Call to Action?

Record this information and see the similarities between pages. You want to see how other creators are getting ready for their launch and learn from them for when you have to do it yourself. 

3. Sign up for their email list

Sign up for the email list of the campaigns that you’re most interested in. This way, you can see and follow what other creators are doing to build excitement for their launch, and be notified when they make an update. 

As before, you want to pick up their style and content to get inspired on what you should be doing for your email marketing strategy. 

4. Follow another campaign from start to finish 

The best way to learn how to the best funnels work and how creators launch their products is to actually follow campaigns from start to finish. From ad, to landing page, to email sign up, to updates, all the way to getting their product. So you can experience everything from the client side and can get in the consumer mindset, being able to evaluate what went best. 

From the consumer experience you can learn the following from other creators:

  • Do they have a Facebook group?
  • Do they have a discourse channel?
  • Do they have in person events?
  • Do they do live streamings?
  • What kind of content are they creating?
  • Do they showcase every feature of their product?
  • What kind of feedback are they looking for from their community?
  • What updates do they send?
  • Do they have a referral campaign, or a special discount.

You’ll learn what they do to keep building a community through the whole pre launch process. 

Write this down. Knowing how other people successfully lead a campaign will help you know how to do your own campaign, how to create your own content. You can also get an insight on the marketing and promotion tools they’re using for their campaign. 

Success leaves clues

I’m a firm believer that you can learn so much from someone else’s experiences. I do believe that market research is key to understanding the process of other creators, and the audience mindset. 

If someone else can launch a product successfully to the market, why can’t you? 

Learn from the example of people who came before you, create those relationships, ask questions. Most creators will be happy to guide you in the right direction. Back other campaigns and support other creators. 

Now that you know how to create the best funnel possible through “funnel hacking” go ahead and check out the Bootcamp to learn how to get funded in 90 days. 

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