Organic Marketing For Crowdfunding

Organic marketing has the potential to really be a huge asset in your crowdfunding marketing. In this episode, Nalin explains what organic marketing is and how it relates especially well to Facebook groups. She does this by explaining how organic marketing has worked in her newest business venture and gives you the behind-the-scenes look at what organic marketing can do for you, too.

[0:54]: What Is Organic Marketing? 

This is a great question. Here we talk about what it is and how you can use it.

[2:47]: Organic Marketing and Facebook 

How utilizing Facebook can actually be more beneficial for your business than it is for taking up your free time.

[4:27]: How Do You Market Without A Budget? 

Sure you understand organic marketing and you are full of these grand ideas but what if you don’t have much money to spend initially? 

[6:01]: Nalin’s Newest Entrepreneurial Endeavor 

Nalin is always up to something. Her newest adventure is not only one we can learn from but also pretty dang cool!

[8:24]: How To Do Facebook Right When It Comes To Groups 

You may know about Facebook groups, but are you utilizing them the best way possible and in your best interest for your project? 

[11:40]: What Does All This Facebook Group Talk Mean For You? 

This is can all be applicable for you when launching on crowdfunding. It just depends on what your product is and who your main avatar is for your particular product.

[14:57]: What To Start Posting About First 

Now that you have the tools and know the importance of Facebook groups – here is what you should post first.

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