Round-Up: The 3 Best Books On Crowdfunding

Looking for the ultimate shortlist because you’re not willing to read 90+ books looking for the best one? Welcome. I’ve read so many books on crowdfunding. And there are so many more. But here are the BEST crowdfunding books you need. Save yourself some time.

When I become interested in a certain topic, the first thing I do is head to the local library to learn more through books. I’m a firm believer that reading is the best way to learn so you can always catch me with a book or Kindle e-book wherever I am.

For rewards-based crowdfunding for Kickstarter and Indiegogo, there are 3 books that I would recommend. Since I’m a huge fan of public libraries, I’d highly recommend you head to your nearest library to grab a copy. If you’d prefer to have a copy to highlight and take notes on, click on one of the links below to grab your own copy.

Here are the best 3 books on crowdfunding:

A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide by Jamey Stegmaier

This was the first book I ever read about crowdfunding. It was also the only one I could not put down. Jamey raised $3.2M+ on Kickstarter through 8 campaigns and established a game company from his successes. Although he focuses on crowdfunding for tabletop games, the lessons in the book are highly applicable to any category that you are looking to launch.

a crowdfunders strategy is one of the best books on crowdfunding

Top reviews

“In his book, Jamey stresses that taking the time to build up your community (by being a positive, contributing member) and genuinely connecting with your supporters to establish trust can greatly increase your chances of having a successful crowdfunding campaign. Such venues are remarkable because in many of the campaigns, the backers contribute both financially and creatively. In A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide, Jamey discusses that no matter how great of a product you think you might have, it is the people that support it that make it truly great. By putting every single backer first, you establish trust that can keep those backers interested in your future endeavors.” – Nick May

“Jamey’s stories are entertaining and also illustrate in concrete ways how seemingly small choices in crowdfunding implementation, can make a very big difference to the success (or failure), of your campaign. Some of his lessons learned have been painful ones, and some of his ideas are counter-intuitive, but when I understood his logic, it changed my view completely.” – bouldercomom

CROWDFUNDED by Mark Pecota

After years of experience helping their clients launch millions of dollars, the people at Launchboom have compiled a nifty book to talk about all things crowdfunding. Mark Pecota, their CEO, goes over hard tactics and gives a step-by-step guide in what they do best: building an audience for launch and making sure the campaign starts with a big boom.

crowdfunded is one of the best books on crowdfunding

Top Reviews

“As someone who has a few ideas, but absolutely no business experience, I found this book gave me more confidence in taking my project to a crowdfunding platform. I’ve seen many campaigns that look like the product is good, but their page is lackluster or their community management is non-existent. They should have bought this book.” – Bryan Kupka

“I picked up this book hoping to get some quick tips before launching my Kickstarter campaign, what I got was an incredibly wide-view into how and why crowdfunding works, and exactly how to make it work for me. Not only does this book give you the exact step-by-step process for launching a campaign (filled with strategies I’ve never heard of or would have thought of on my own), but it also goes into the philosophies and teaches you how to think about launching products. I feel like an expert in crowdfunding after reading it, and I’m ready to crush my campaign.” – Corey McComb

The Crowdfunding Bible by Scott Steinberg

This is chock full of the foundations you need to understand in order to launch a crowdfunding campaign. The book reads like a manual and is best for those just getting into crowdfunding and learning the ropes.

Top reviews

“I took a ton of notes and, including my experience in marketing, feel I’m ready to jump off the high board and into the deep end. It’s all right that the book is a few years old. The only difference between then and now are some tools and numbers. The principles are the same.” – Amy Biddle

“This is an excellent book. It is well worth the purchase price and more. Other crowd funding books pale in comparison to this one. This book is very comprehensive and covers every aspect of crowd funding. It gives the reader a lot to think about when preparing to seek funding for their projects. Readers will be blown away by the amount of detail that the author goes into. I highly recommend it for anyone considering using a crowd funding site to raise money.” – Phoenix Savage

Bonus: Crush Crowdfunding Blog Book

This book is the newly updated compilation of this blog and the result of years of crowdfunding experience running successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects.

Learn what it’s like to run a crowdfunding campaign, from preparing the launch to getting backers, pledges, and media coverage.