Smash Your Crowdfunding Goal With Email

Once you’ve acquired a decent-sized email list, it’s time to create an email campaign that will have your potential backers ready for launch day! 

There’s a little known 30% Rule that applies to all crowdfunding campaigns. In short, you need your campaign to be 30% funded within the first 24hrs to reach your goal… Let’s make sure your smash that goal by harnessing the power of email. Below are 3 things you need to make sure your audience understands via email.

1. Crowdfunding Launch Day

This seems like an obvious thing, but you’d be surprised how many campaigns spring the news on their audience. You need to gently remind your audience of your launch date at least a week before! But the further out the better. Anyone who is really excited about your product will keep your crowdfunding launch day on their radar.  

Here’s a quick list of what to make your audience knows before launch day!

  • The date the campaign goes live, WITH the exact time and time zone. Some people pride themselves in being the first (and providing rewards for the earliest birds can be a great strategy).
  • Where they can support the campaign, AND include a link!
  • That special launch pricing! The more people you can get in early, the better for your crowdfunding project.

2. A Reason To Back Your Campaign Early 

This is majorly important because Kickstarter and Indiegogo reward campaigns that quickly raise funds on Launch Day!

As stated above, offering an Early Bird special pricing for the project (usually only available within the first 24hrs) can be pivotal to your campaign! You don’t just reward your superfans, but you also push for that 30% on the first day with this strategy. 

Another great early bird strategy is to include a personalized or an exclusive psychical aspect. For example, inscribed earbud cases or a certain color offered only to those who back in the first 24hrs. 

3. How to Back Your Crowdfunding Campaign

The people on your email list have already implied that they are interested in your project, so make sure to remove any friction. Remember, not everyone who has signed up for your product knows how Kickstarter and or Indiegogo work. 

That’s why it’s important to remind them where to go AND what the process is. Some people will have been waiting to fund your campaign for weeks or even months, so make sure they know how to do so when the time comes! 

When launch day comes, send an email to them with a link. No confusion, no fuss. Just a clear CTA in the email that will take them directly to your product page so they can get to backing!

If you want to smash your crowdfunding goals, make sure your audience is educated. Walking them through, step-by-step, and phases-by-phase might feel condescending- but trust me, if it’s not obvious and they don’t absolutely LOVE the product, they won’t put in the effort to figure it out. 

If you’re looking for help with your emails, join the Fully Funded Facebook Group. The one-stop-shop for everything crowdfunding. Post a draft of your email and get feedback from me and other crowdfunding successes!

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