I understand that finding a quality speaker is difficult. That’s why I strive to make it easy. This page illustrates what I specialize in, why I love speaking, and how you can hire me if you feel we’re a great match.

I love speaking about crowdfunding

I get to wake up every single day to help entrepreneurs launch their dreams. It’s truly the most incredible feeling in the world. That’s why I love speaking about crowdfunding – it gives me the opportunity to energize audiences with actionable ideas that matter for their crowdfunding campaign. There’s real magic in those moments—for the audience as well as me. It’s an opportunity to forge a special connection that propels positive action.

My most requested keynote talks

Here are my most requested talks. We’ll work together to customize it to meet the needs of your event.

– How to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign
– Top success tips for Indiegogo and Kickstarter
– How to find an audience for your project
– Creating a brand and launching your project
– The 3 keys of converting fans into backers

How I make hiring me easy for you

I want to make your life easy. Here’s what you can expect if you hire me for your event:

1️⃣ We will have an initial phone consultation so that I can understand your needs and the goals of your conference. I will also share some of my initial ideas to make sure I’m heading in the right direction.
2️⃣ You’ll have direct access to me via email and phone, and I respond promptly to your questions.
3️⃣ I will announce your event on my blog, podcast, and social media channels.
4️⃣ I will deliver a professionally prepared presentation that is both educational and entertaining, and geared toward achieving the outcomes you have for your audience.
5️⃣ I will provide a unique resources page exclusive for conference attendees that includes a download of my slide presentation, and a list of books, articles, and other resources I think your audience will find helpful.
6️⃣ After the event, we’ll have a quick debrief so that I can hear from you how things went. I want to make sure that I met your expectations, and I always love feedback that I can use for improving my future presentations, too.

Want to work together?

If you’d like to work with me for your next event, click on the BOOK ME button below.

Thanks so much for your interest in having me speak at your event. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with you and your audience, and I can’t wait to talk about your vision and what we might be able to do together!