The 5 Places To Find Your Dream Crowdfunding Audience

Your email list is the one thing that either makes or breaks a campaign from the start. All else being equal, having a bigger, more engaged email list will, without a doubt, get you more funding for your project. To get an engaged email list, you must fill it with your target audience for crowdfunding.

When I talk to entrepreneurs who want to launch, the biggest question I get is: where do I find my target audience for crowdfunding? 

Here are some ways to find your target audience and build your people.

Facebook Groups

People are usually talking about Facebook ads, but the true gem in connecting with other like-minded people for your project will be in Groups. There are over one billion groups on Facebook and the great news is that they’ve already been pre-segmented into interest groups! People choose to join groups that they can connect with.

Within these groups, people have already told you what they’re interested in. All you have to do is get them interested in your idea within that niche. For example, if you want to launch a new watch on Kickstarter, go out to find watch collector groups and start participating in their conversations. Those people will undoubtedly already be your target audience for crowdfunding.

By just participating in conversations, people will start becoming curious about what you do. That’ll be the best segway for you to pitch your idea, get buy-in and build your list of raving fans.


The same goes for forums. The internet is an amazing place where people self-select into interest groups. Forums are places where you can find people already chattering away about what they know and love. In short, they’ve pre-selected themselves as your target audience for crowdfunding. If you’re looking to launch a new dog exercise kit on crowdfunding, find where people are already talking about their dogs. It’ll provide you with ample space to pitch your idea and bring people into the fold.


Podcasts are booming. It’s an easy way for people to consume content even if they’re on-the-go, doing housework, or on their daily exercise routine. Identify different podcasts within your niche and get on them.

If chefs are already listening to a podcast called Chef Life, you’ll want to be on the podcast as a guest in order to talk about your vision, your project and the thing you want to launch. That’s an easy way to capture an audience and drive them into your own ecosystem.

YouTube Channels

Videos are a goldmine for learning more about what you want to know. YouTube personalities and niche groups have spent hours upon hours building out their channel and growing their following. Be present within the comments of those videos. Interact with people who are also interacting with those videos.  

Instagram Channels

This is another one of those channels where people are already hanging out. People are already self-selecting into interest groups by who they follow and what they like. Engage with people who are within your niche and drive them back to your own landing page. Through liking and commenting on post replies, you’ll already be building a dedicated following of people who are most likely to also want to support you and your launch.

The list above is just to get you started with your audience-building adventure. The bottom line is that to find your audience, go to where they already congregate and talk to them!

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