Top 7 Content Ideas For Your Kickstarter And Indiegogo Updates

By now you know the importance of backer updates to the success of a crowdfunding project. Maybe you’re racking your brain for what to write about. Honestly, the sky’s the limit. Once you get into the psyche of your backers, you’ll be able to understand more about what they want to hear from you. Below is a list of backer updates to get you started:

Behind-the-scenes images and content. 

Your backers don’t just want the item from you, they usually want to follow along in your journey to bring this project to life. Give them a peek behind the curtain of the project and let them know about the late nights, mistakes, good news you’ve discovered and everything in between. It’ll humanize you and build even more trust with you and the project. 

News on the development of your project. 

More often than not, you’re crowdfunding to bring a project to life. Let people in on how the project is developing. There’s no one out there who should stop pushing the project forward as the crowdfunding project is running. You should continue negotiating prices with suppliers, updating manufacturers on a count on the initial production run, and maybe even be getting additional prototypes to come your way. Let people know what’s up.

Celebrate milestones. 

Whenever you hit a milestone, no matter how small, make sure you celebrate them with your backers. Maybe it’s your first 100 backers or your first 1,000 backers – no milestone is too small. Everyone loves coming together to support a winning team (think about your favorite sports team) and publicly celebrating with updates allows people to converse about your wins and successes.

Ask questions to build a better product. 

These backer updates are going out to people who have already supported your project. They love what you’re building and want to join you to make something that blows everything else out of the water. Source ideas and get feedback from people involved in your project. You can do this by sending out surveys/questionnaires or simply just asking people to comment their thoughts.

Showcase positive sentiment from different sources. 

People are relationship-oriented. We want to know what others are doing and want to be part of an in-group. If you can show your backers that there are others out there who are also as excited and enthusiastic about the product, they’ll also be incredibly likely to stay dedicated to your project, too. Send out new testimonials you get about the product, videos you’ve pre-recorded of a beta tester using your product, first-reaction videos and quotes extracted from article write-ups. 

An ask to bring their friends and family into the project. 

Word-of-mouth marketing brings in 5x more sales than any other paid media. These people are already invested in your project, so much so that they’ve paid money for it to come to life. They must have others with a similar mindset to share this with. Maybe they’ll come on board too. In short, institute a referral campaign for your project and craft a message to talk more about it. 

Cross-promotions to drive more traffic to your campaign. 

A vast majority of crowdfunding backers are repeat-backers. They come back again and again to crowdfunding to support projects and bring them to life. Include cross-promotions in your posts so that other campaigns will write about you too. It’s a win-win-win situation all around and you won’t even have to spend a dime to get more traffic.

These are just some ideas for backer updates for you to get going, but there are countless things you can write about. Let your creativity shine and let your backers know you care about them and are passionate about bringing the project to life. Once you have everything you need, go forth and write!

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