Top reasons why you need to be doing Email Marketing

No matter what your business is about, you want to be doing email marketing. 

Yes, it doesn’t sound as pop as social media, and there are people out there thinking you don’t need it. But let me reassure you: you do. It’s pure math. Email marketing converts better than social media. That’s just a fact. 

Choose your favourite blogger. Doesn’t matter the niche. Check out their socials. They might have thousands of followers. But I assure you they are not relying on those numbers to make sales. Now think about the newsletter you receive every week or every couple of weeks. This is probably more of what works for them in terms of converting to sales. 

So if you’re starting something new or launching a new product to the market, you want to be building an email list. You want to be able to get in touch directly with the people who have trusted you with their email, and offer them value. 

Social Media Is NOT A Sales Channel 

Although it sounds attractive to have thousands of followers on tiktok and on instagram, and broadcast what you do there, this won’t translate into sales.

Social media is a way to promote everything about your brand. To connect with new people and show them what you’re all about. Is a great way to be authentic, to have people look into more than your blog posts and sales funnels, and let them trust you. 

Social media is how you show your brand, get people’s emails, and then be able to have a direct connection with them.

Email marketing is a direct line

Email marketing is traffic that you actually own. You’re not paying any platform to communicate directly with your audience. What do I mean by this?

To promote your brand on social media to new people (fast) you need to pay money to the platform. Is Facebook who has people’s information and who will sell it to you and decide to whom show your post.

Email marketing on the other hand is a direct line of communication between you and the people who have already decided they trust you. How you communicate with your audience is up to you and is more reliable than social media as a sales channel since you know people will get the email in their inbox vs the probability of them seeing a boosted post on social media.

Why you should start early on with email marketing

Having an email list comes specially in handy when you’re launching something new. From a new podcast episode to a new product. You get a direct line with people to tell them about your news. 

The earlier you start with your email marketing, the bigger the opportunity to reach out to people with your new idea, get feedback on it and start a conversation. Also, emails can be very useful to get user created content. Don’t skip on it:

Use your email list to Get Ambassadors 

The people on your email list are the ones who’ve shown the most interest in what you do. Why not send them a message and see if anyone would like to be an ambassador for your brand? To be featured on the website and in social media? 

Use your email marketing list to Get Reviews

You want honest feedback? Your email list of clients or people who’ve made a purchase is your way to go. Ask people to give you their honest opinion, or to share a picture using the product and use it on your marketing strategy later on. 

Who better to promote your product than the people who actually bought it?

Use your email list to Get Referrals

Show your audience you appreciate them recommending your product by getting them into a referral program. They get something out of promoting you with their friends and family, and you get more emails and potentially more clients! The easiest and most practical way to communicate this strategy is through email. 

Emails aren’t the easiest to come by, but they’re a gold mine

When wondering if you should invest time in creating an email list or just growing your social media without collecting emails, then the answer is the first. You want those emails on your list. You want this strategy. You want your efforts to convert better, and to make sales. 

That’s all email marketing. 

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