What Does Crowdfunding Success Mean For You

In this episode, host Nalin talks about what crowdfunding success means to you. She shares tips and examples of crowdfunding success.  

She discusses: 

[4:12] Knowing how you want to be successful and what your goals are will help you better approach your campaign. 

[6:29] Crowdfunding success is ultimately getting to that goal and doing whatever it takes to reach that goal to fund that initial production of your idea. 

[7:34] Another way to meet crowdfunding success is to ensure you are reaching the minimum required amount to produce your idea and to get it in with suppliers. 

[9:49] A way to approach success is to understand and master the process of crowdfunding. 

[12:14] Your success in crowdfunding can come from getting those early adopters, early beta testers and early super fans that will help you carry your campaign. 

[13:53] Everyone has a different crowdfunding success and what you define as success.  

[15:53] The only way to really think about what success means to you is, to sit down, think about it and ask yourself what do I want to accomplish? 

Thanks for listening to the Crush Crowdfunding Podcast, go out and put all these tips into action! 

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