What is the perfect launch date and time?

Time time time. Timing it’s crucial to succeed at anything. Projects, business, relationships. But when it comes to crowdfunding, and the moment to decide when to set your campaign live arrives, how do you know when is the perfect launch date and time?

Time plays a HUGE role in everyone’s lives. That means it’s kind of a super important tactic to think about and research before starting a crowdfunding campaign.

For example, did you know one day of the week is better to launch than others? Or, that there is actually a prime time to send out your initial launch email?

All of our lives revolve around time. Because of that, it’s one of the most important things to think about when launching your product. Not only because you need to consider the timing in your own life, but also on the timing in your audience’s lives. 

Here are four questions you can ask yourself to know what’s the best date and time for you and your campaign launch. 

1. Determine What Days People Are Checking Their Emails

Since your first and most direct comunication method to your audience will be email, you need to know when is the day people check their emails the most. When is it more probable that they’ll see your email, open it and click? This is the biggest driver of Day 1 success. This email will let them know you’re live and that they can back you now.

Do you know the best day to launch? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday? 

The email marketing gods and experts have concluded that Tuesdays are the days people open their emails the most. Probably because Mondays people are just coming back from the weekend and will prioritize the emails with the most urgency.

Plus, you get the rest of the week to market your campaign as well. 

2. Know What Time People Are Checking Their Emails 

There is actually an ideal time to post for almost all crowdfunding projects no matter what your niche is. 

What’s that saying? The early bird catches the worm, right? Early morning is more recommended for launching, 6 a.m. PST, 9 a.m. EST. Why? Because this is when a lot of people check their emails. Plus, you can continue sending out emails to let them know what’s going on through launch day, and catch those people who check their emails later in the day.

Unless you have a big local or regional audience, you’ll want to stick with the USA’s time zones, because this is still the biggest crowdfunding market.

3. Know Upcoming Holidays and Events

Is it better or worse to launch around a holiday season? This is an incredibly common question in crowdfunding. For starters, people spend less time online through the holiday season, because they’re doing other things and spending time with family. So you’re competing for their attention even more than in regular days.

According to the platforms, in general, people tend to spend less money on crowdfunding around the end of the year holidays. And will have less leisure money to spend just after the holidays expenses. 

I would recommend to try and NOT launch during holidays, or the end of the year in general, and do not promise “Get it for Christmas!” shipping because since there’s so much mail traffic during this season, you want to avoid your product getting lost in the madness.

Even though it can be tempting, the holiday season is not the way to go for crowdfunding launch time and date.

4. The BIG Question about launch date and time

Are you ready to launch? No…really! Are you really ready?

The biggest question of them all. For real. If you’re not ready for launch, if you haven’t built an audience, if you don’t have those great visuals, or if your pre-launch marketing efforts are not getting engagement, then you’re probably not ready for launching. 

Does your audience know you’re launching soon? Do you have people ready to back you at launch (see here how many people you actually need)? Have you built enough excitement? Do you have messages of people asking about your dates? Do you have a Live Campaign promotional strategy? 

Remember, although having due dates and deadlines is important for creators, it’s also important to know that things can be changed according to the obstacles that appear. Launching without being ready is one of the top mistakes creators can do.

Final thoughts for launch date and time

The most important thing is that your campaign is ready to go, and you have an audience ready to back you. Because research shows that the first few days of the campaign are the most active, followed by a valley of death or inactivity days or weeks, and then a rise towards the end of the campaign. 

Successful campaigns rally and excite the audience they’ve built to back them on that first day. You want that high funding amount and backer count to help the algorithm to send even more people to your campaign. 

Other than that, remember: Tuesdays 6 a.m. Pacific Time, and avoid the holiday season.

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