When Things Don’t Go According To Plan: You Have Two Choices

In this episode, host Nalin talks about what to do when things don’t go according to plan? She shares her tips to keep moving forward and having that successful launch!  

She discusses:

– [7:29] A lot of plans we have in life will have obstacles and curveballs that will stop us in our tracks.

– [07:36] When things don’t go the way we are expecting we have two choices. We can either grumble and drag our feet or we can take it with life and move forward.

– [7:45] Crowdfunding is a platform to launch products to market and then after you will grow your business.

– [9:00] With crowdfunding nothing will go as planned but you just have to keep moving forward and trying. Crowdfunding is a series of trial and error.

– [10:16] Your second and best choice is to just sit down, breathe and figure it out.

–  [12:45] From your crowdfunding campaign you will be probably starting a company, business, or making an income. You are the one that controls your destiny!

Thanks for listening! And just remember to always choose that second option and keep moving forward, you got this!

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