Where To Find Your Crowdfunding Experts

The internet is sometimes a confusing place. That’s why I’ve narrowed down the top three places to find the help you need for your crowdfunding project.

1. Previous Campaigns

As a future campaigner, you’re probably scrolling through multiple campaigns and eyeing their graphics, designs, and successes. If a particular campaign catches your attention, be sure to reach out to the creator. They might have put together a team of freelancers to get their campaign launched and can introduce you to the crowdfunding experts who have helped them along the way. Not only that, but creators are always more than happy to offer any additional tips they’ve picked up along the way. 

On Kickstarter, once you’ve found a campaign that you’d like to get more information from, here’s how to message the creator.

If you’re on Indiegogo or looking to take the conversation off the Kickstarter platform, it’s time to get creative and search for different ways to get in touch with the creator. You can reach out via LinkedIn, their Facebook page, their company Instagram profile (or personal profile if you can find it), their Twitter account… and so much more. 

2. Facebook Groups

People with expertise typically hang out in Facebook Groups. Think of Facebook Groups as forums hosted within Facebook.

There are thousands of groups, and you’re bound to find one for the expertise you’re looking for. When looking at Facebook Groups, weed through the entry-level groups and head straight into the professional groups. 

Let’s take an example here. If you’re looking for a Facebook Advertising Manager, rather than look at groups “Facebook Ads For Newbies”, look at groups targeted towards “Facebook Ads Rockstars”.

In the “Facebook Ads Rockstars”, you’ll find experts who have years of experience and are talking advanced-level tactics. This is the type of person you’re looking for rather than those who don’t know Business Manager Ads from Post Boosting. With the approval of admins, feel free to post your “ask” for an ad manager (with as much detail as possible).

Remember that crowdfunding is a special niche so be on the lookout for crowdfunding experts who know it inside and out.

3. Freelance Websites

This is a goldmine to find crowdfunding experts for your Dream Team. There is already a growing freelance workforce with highly-sought-after skillsets that will complement your own. All you need to do is scour through different profiles to see which freelancer you’d like to help with your project. 

Here are three places to get you started:

Let’s take Upwork as an example. After you create a profile, you can head straight to the search bar. I’d recommend you filter for different factors that ease the hiring process. For example, are you looking for someone who has 10 hours available per week or 30 hours available per week? Are you looking for someone who has thousands of hours worked and hundreds of reviews or someone who is just starting out with freelancing? 

When vetting a freelancer, be sure to ask for their portfolio (especially their crowdfunding portfolio!). The other thing I’d recommend is to get on a call with them; sometimes things get overlooked when it’s just through emails or messages. By getting on a call, you’ll be able to quickly figure out if you’d enjoy working with them and if they are able to professionally answer your questions or not.  

If you want to work together, be sure to get in touch.

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