Why Are You Crowdfunding? 2 Ways To Keep Motivated When Things Get Tough

Let’s talk about some fundamentals for success.

By being here, you’ve made the first step towards reaching your goal and launching a project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. That’s great news! 

Next, there are tactical steps that you can take to get yourself ready for a successful launch. You can read blogs, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos… the list is endless.

However, I’ve found that there’s one thing that many people don’t talk about when it comes to succeeding in crowdfunding. That one thing is “mindset”. 

It’s usually the mindset, and the shift in it, that separates successful crowdfunders from those who get stuck. 

Let’s dive in.

Show up for yourself

You might wonder, what do I have to do to successfully launch? Well, that’s a great question. The main thing I’d recommend is just “showing up for yourself”. 

Do this by setting aside about 1-2 hours each week to go through and learn everything you can about crowdfunding. Take this time to learn about your audience, hone your product positioning, and master everything crowdfunding. 

In addition to that, I’d also recommend setting aside a half-day to full-day each week for the duration of your project to dedicate to working on it. It’s truly the combination of preparation and dedication that will help you succeed. 

The blogs, YouTube videos, talks you attend, and podcasts you listen to will help with preparation, but you’ll absolutely have to bring the dedication. This means showing up for yourself by making time for yourself to get to work. 

Maybe it’s having that tough conversation with your partner that you’ll be spending the next few months working on your project rather than the family. 

Maybe it’s telling your friends you will be MIA for a little while. 

Maybe it’s sacrificing your love for Netflix series for a bit.

I can give you all the strategies from every single campaign down to the letter. I can tell you every hack and tip in the book. I can be there to hold your hand and provide guidance the whole way. But the success of your campaign depends on how YOU choose to take action. So just remember, the best way to succeed in a launch is really just to “show up for yourself” and take action. 

Understand your why

Beyond showing up for yourself, I also encourage you to understand your deeper motivation for crowdfunding.

Let’s do this. Take out a piece of paper and write down the answers to these two questions:

Why is succeeding with crowdfunding important to me? 

What is my intention for this launch?

These might seem simple at first, but think deeper about them. Do you have a contribution that will make a positive change in the world if it comes to life? Have you always aspired to be an inventor? Are you doing this to bring a childhood dream to life? Are you doing this to jumpstart a business so that you can better provide for your family? Are you bringing a project to life to demonstrate that you’re a successful community member? 

There are so many reasons why people want to launch a project. Find yours. 

Let the answers to these two questions be your anchor. Stick this up somewhere you can always see it. When you’re feeling down or struggling at times, go to it to remind yourself of the WHY. This will help keep you accountable for your success. 

Let this be an anchor to center yourself when you’re learning how to use design tools to create a page or face your fears of talking about your product or anything else. 

Remember, every time we try something new, there is always a fear of the unknown. This familiar fear always comes up and it is important to remind yourself of the WHY so that you keep at it. 

And finally…

If you need a community to keep you grounded, to share your struggles and successes, find it here.

I’m here in your corner if you ever need me.